We'll See You Next Year 11x14


Title: We’ll see you next year.                                                      Nighty night, sleep tight-- One last ride on the Racers.           Nighty night, sweet dreams--See all the winners carry their trophies over their shoulder.  Nighty night, till the morning light-- The sleepy children passed out in stollers . It's time to dream of happy things-- Lovers resting on each other, half sleep on the benches . Nighty night, sleep tight--The lights from the rides draw colored lines when you close your eyes. Nighty night, sweet dreams-- Tailing behind a kid who doesn’t want to leave. It's time to take a break from play-- Noah's Arc stops playing that horrible sound. And you'll wake up to a brand new day-- Food stands close their windows and doors. And while the stars area shining-- The fountains shut off in the middle of group photos.          And the moon is all aglow--Grab dip n dots on the way out                       You'll be off in sleepy land-- The giant heart sees you out the door.      A place where dreamers love to go-- Good Night Kennywood- We’ll see you next year.   This print was the response to the success of my Racers pint ( see Last Night of Summer). Many people think the After Dark is all about ghost stories,  but really it plays on the metaphor of a ghost, more than literal "ghosts". I tend to keep those spooky illustrations under a category known as 'The Lost Stories'. Anyway, some people told me stories about how 2 children were murdered at Kennywood. I thought "wow how tragic", but then thought about how the amusement park would appear to a ghost while no ones around during the off season. Do you think it gets lonely? Or are they reliving childhood, in a constant loop? When we leave for the evening, and the park closes, the unfortunate soul stays and will be there when we return in the morning. We live out our lives while it stays the same, always a child, reliving the same summer for an eternity...

All my prints are hand drawn 11x14. Printed on Acid free museum quality paper.--Unframed. They come in plastic slips  along with a matte backing, and business cards. Free shipping.


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After Dark Illustrations

Dan | Pittsburgh, PA