Like life itself, the story of LocalGood is full of twists and turns.

While I have never been an artist, I have spent my life drawn to and moved by art. I see art as a constant exploration; an endless push to convey meaning through refining and developing skills, styles and mediums.

In college I had visions of being an art curator or operating a high-end art gallery. But art too often felt like something that was only accessible to the rich, or large institutions named after wealthy families. It felt too out of reach, so I put my dream of introducing others to exciting works of art on hold and earned a history degree, graduating with no clear path forward.

So I did what many a young recent grad with no real plan does; I started to travel. These small adventures only grew my thirst for the arts. I am most alive browsing shops that carry handmade goods created by local artisans, searching for mom-and-pop eateries, and wandering up and down street and art fairs.

Sometimes I found it difficult to locate these types of places, but the internet became a great source of information. Still, it often took multiple, strategic, searches to satisfy my curiosity. I got really good at scouting out cities, befriending strangers in the know, and recognizing the invisible signposts that lead to hidden artistic treasures. I wanted to share that knowledge with others and help bring under-sung artists into the light. I just wasn’t sure how.

Fast forward a few years working in the corporate world. I enjoy the work that has brought me to Pittsburgh, but I yearn to share the art and artists that I continue to connect with. I start to craft a plan and talk with coworkers and friends about creating something that would help local artists. To my surprise, the support is immediate and enthusiastic. A lunch leads to a phone call, which leads to a dinner, which leads to a business meeting and the next thing you know, LocalGood is born.

LocalGood has a mission to connect artists with people. We look for patrons who value and appreciate the hard work artisans bring to their craft. We strive to find artists who bring passion, commitment and desire to their art. When this connection is at its most successful, we believe it makes the world a better place. This connection helps us grow together, and the commitment can be seen in each sale – artists select a charity and LocalGood donates 5% of each transaction to support the charity that they choose.

I’m happy that you found us, although to be honest, we have been looking for you!

Desiree Vuocolo
LocalGood Founder