The Mayflies 11x14


The Mayflies:

That night looked like an eternity. Saying "wish Life could stay like this forever" But no one knows it better than the mayflies. And like every childish wish. And every sad story. And every dream wakes. And ever summer ends. And just for a moment we lived.     The Mayflies was my response to so many people asking for a skyline of Pittsburgh.  The same skyline picture that you can buy at any Pittsburgh shop, or photography gallery in the area. I know my work is about drawing places, but its more than just replicating buildings at night. It's about the scenery, the loneliness and the light that shines through the dark, and the contrast and conflicts of emotions. I could draw the same view everyone is after of Mt. Washington, but where is the story behind that ? Where's the life ? The love? The sadness or regret ? There isn't any. Just a bunch of tall grey buildings, empty with little lights that look pretty from afar. The same light you can get from a neighborhood of row homes, or duplexes, full of life, characters and loaded with history. You can see the remnants of the people who lived there for centuries, the wear and tear on the structural foundation, with signs of life in front yard such as; buckets of super soakers on the porch, and hop scotch chalked on the walk way, key elements to children enjoying summer.   As an artist living in Pittsburgh, it isn't so much about who can capture the same view someone else has, but to show a whole new one that we tend to over look.The Mayflies are here to remind us of just how short our time is as children. The summer time of youth appears to last forever but in hindsight it only lasts a for a moment.

All my prints are hand drawn 11x14. Printed on Acid free museum quality paper.--Unframed. They come in plastic slips  along with a matte backing, and business cards. Free shipping.

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Dan | Pittsburgh, PA