Star Atlas 12x36


Star Atlas                                                                     stopped blaming God When you said you were sick I learned to lean on the people who love me When the sutures start to split I trust in the current to pull you back in I miss everyone at once But most of all, I miss the ocean.~ The Wonder Years. This was originally going to be titled "Dreams", and I would eventually work on a series of panoramas with sea animals in the sky. I like the spiritual meaning of whales, so I thought that it fit my idea, but just titling something "dreams" seemed a bit cheesy. There would have to be a lot of "reinventing the wheel", per-say to make it significant enough to stand out amongst the other "dream" titles. In the end Star Atlas, was the last second choice.   Story and poem about this print will come soon.      

All my prints are hand drawn12x36. Printed on Acid free museum quality paper.--Unframed. This one comes rolled in a cardboard shipping tube. Free shipping.


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Dan | Pittsburgh, PA