Night Swimmers 11x14


Night Swimmers They never know where they are going, but they do know the night is always calling... But like the sea the night air has a current, and it pulls them where ever it pleases Before we get into this one, I need to explain the two parts of After Dark. First of all After Dark collectively my body of work, but that body of work comes together to form a town-- After Dark. In 2017 I was asked by the Bottle Brush Gallery in Harmony to do a series of haunted houses for their Halloween celebration. So I did a small series of haunted houses, soon to find out that not everyone is into that stuff, so I decided to create the new category of my work: My quite small town night-scapes are part of the After Dark.           My haunted houses or paranormal related illustrations are part of The Lost Stories.   I like to imagine at the end of my fictitious town, there is a dense woods. and all my abandoned houses live in this "forgotten part of town". Thats where the Lost Stories exist. Now that we are all caught up. The night swimmer is the so called, "poster child" for the Lost Stories. This one was inspired by an album cover/cd booklet. The booklet had "steps on how to be a ghost", and the ghost was always depicted as a man in a suite. I also enjoy the classifications of different types of specters and hauntings, like when paranormal investigators report their discoveries, they talk about residual hauntings, poltergeists ect. So I decided to invent my own forms of ghosts, and I wanted one that floats continuously in a straight path. From the time the soul left it's body, this spirit has never stoped floating slowly through the night unknowing it's dead, thus the night swimmer is born.   I even sell stickers of the night swimmer, so you can stick him anywhere, since everyone asks "why is he in a tree"?              

All my prints are hand drawn 11x14. Printed on Acid free museum quality paper.--Unframed. They come in plastic slips  along with a matte backing, and business cards. Free shipping.


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After Dark Illustrations

Dan | Pittsburgh, PA