It Must Get Lonely 11x14


I'm a specter in the dim light on the flowers by the grave In the Montmartre in Paris Where the crows seem to know my name And they left footprints in the snow Along the fence on Palmer Street Cigarette butts on the headstones That you left for me, I saw you there, Just a block off to see your  rowhome On an empty street where the others have been torn down And you're the last one standing, must get obvious enough that I'm not ever gonna change It must get obvious enough that I'm the one who stays It must get obvious enough that I'm not ever gonna change It must get obvious enough, that you're the one who stay
But it must get lonely It must get lonely~ The Wonder Years- It Must Get Lonely
This print was inspired by one of my favorite bands, The Wonder Years. The song inspired me to draw a ghost story, one that implied a long period of time has passed, and this spirit still there waiting. The idea of a ghost being eternal, really appeals to me. Being stuck in one spot long enough to see everything around you deteriorate, is relatable either physically or metaphorically. At times I've spent long enough time away from people and places alone, just to return and see that everyone/thing has changed. That loneliness I lived with, helped me understand the message of the song, and how it would feel like to be a ghost...Just on a smaller scale.
And let me tell you, that loneliness is unforgiving.

All my prints are hand drawn 11x14. Printed on Acid free museum quality paper.--Unframed. They come in plastic slips  along with a matte backing, and business cards. Free shipping.

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After Dark Illustrations

Dan | Pittsburgh, PA