Jazz Cat




Feeling jazzy and ready to dance, our chonky kitty leaps into our imaginations in a whirlwind of color. This original watercolor is painted on Arches 140 lb cold press paper with Art Philosophy (Essence) Watercolors. Measuring in at 8.5 x 11 and framed in a white 10x13 frame, this watercolor is ready for hanging!

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Why cats, Jen? Cats are creatures full embedded in the now. Cats focus intensely on the present moment and do not worry about the outcome, allowing them to fully cherish each and every second. A lesson we all could learn from!

Why watercolor as a medium? Watercolor to me is the most perfect medium for expressing that which defies expression. Watercolor captures a moment the way our mind remembers an event long past...a little bit fuzzy around the edges, light dappled moments in time. I love the way watercolor pigments have their own personality... they separate, layer and combine as they wish and you can only follow their lead when painting. In this painting, I explored washes of watercolor in a striped pattern, adding in ink for a tutu and ballet slippers and gold metallic watercolor for additional sparkle. The background washes featured drops of alcohol and salt for a dappled light effect.

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Jen | Pittsburgh, PA