Sugar Plum Froggie- Lilac


A long time ago in a place not far from here, a weary woman was walking a forgotten trail home after a long tiring day at work. Her mind was so filled with all the tasks remaining for the day (bake sales, dinner, traveling soccer league) that she did not spy the sorcerer behind the large oak tree until he jumped out in front of her on the trail and said, "BLAMO! You are now a frog!"

And BLAMO indeed. The woman, now a frog, looked down, up and around...a point of view is so different when you are lower to the ground. The frog woman noticed her fancy new tutu that swished as she leapt, her stylish crown that sparkled in the sunlight and her comfy sneakers that could carry her anywhere in comfort and style and right then she decided, life might actually be better as a frog.

Now, you too can make your life a little better with one of these Hand-knitted frogs to sit by your side. Each frog wears their tiny crown proudly as well as their tutu and sneaks. The tutu and sneakers are removable for maximum frog comfort when relaxing in the evenings. Each frog is approximately 8" tall, crown to sneakers :)

Each frog is made with Mighty Stitch Yarn on double pointed needles. The tutu is handmade as well. The frog pattern is by Claire Garland and is available on Ravelry. These frogs are delicate and not recommended for children under 6. 

See other listings for frogs of a different color :)

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Jen | Pittsburgh, PA