Bunny & Carrot


Meet Bunny & Carrot, Prima Ballerinas of the Animal Dancer Society. Late at night, when most reasonable people have gone to bed and are dreaming of fluffy sheep, tiny critters and their friends break out their dance finery and hit the barre. Bunny is usually the first one on the floor and always ready to jeté! This bunny doll is hand knit on double pointed needles with Mighty Stitch yarn and is moderately posable due to the armature within its knitted body. Dancer Bunny also holds their special friend Crazy Carrot, an original watercolor on arches paper. Dancer Bunny also has removable sneakers and a tutu for when it is time for some R&R.

This dancer bunny is delicate and not recommended for children under 6.

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Jen | Pittsburgh, PA