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Welcome to the After Dark–It’s about time you found your self

If this is your first time visiting, take a seat, make yourself at home. If you are a recurring visitor, then this is hello again. For those of you who are new this may come to a surprise but this town isn’t like most it is still a mystery, even to me. The sights you’ll experience will feel somewhat familiar and yet oddly new. That’s because we’ve been here before, and many times before that. It’s confusing I’m sure, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually, you always do.
Welcome to the After Dark, It’s about time you found yourself.

Every good day comes to and end. This town is the fabrication of the moments frozen in transition, between one day to then next. A town that is always shrouded in night.

My name is Dan Senneway, and I consider my self a digital illustrator, for now this is a page dedicated to my body of work. Every thing on here is for sale, consider it a souvenir from this little town.
I created the After Dark during my first year out of college. It was in response to my original work to capture the tranquil life of night. You might think that is the same thing, as what I am currently doing now… And you’re right it is, but my goal as an artist isn’t to just draw pictures and sell them. No, my goal is to create an experience. Create a world that people can learn about, enjoy a coherent story and develop characters. It’s a slow process but my little town is slowly growing, it’s giving more substance to what I started all those years ago. In my earliest series, my art was all about a sense  belonging and finding the true meaning of “Home”. My art focused on those who never felt like they belonged in this crazy world, and how they manage to invent, or find comfort in the strangest of places. That’s how the lonely, empty environments began. They tend to grab at the heart strings of those who felt this way in the past, or find beauty in the light they found in the dark. 

When the search for home ran its course, I then turned my attention to those who don’t want to find their place, and choose the life of wandering. The choice to wander for ever lost, or in denial became my ideal ghost story. You’ll see that in the After Dark, some characters purpose can be confusing. Are they meant to be here ? or are they remnants of another time ? It’s up to you to find out. It’s no surprise when I say that some people never figure things out, and tend to see the  world in a way normal people usually don’t. They see things when we are safe in our homes, while they are out and about, witnessing things only street lamps, stray cats, or even the boogie man.


These elements merged with all the different feedback, stories people told me about the places I drew and personal experiences with mental illness. It felt like the more I illustrated, the more these buildings and stories came together. The inspiration that motivated me to draw one, always carried over into the next one and so and so forth. Nostalgia, sadness, loneliness, fear and most of all hope, were the threads that wove these streets, and lit each window. 


Across from the old theater, past the playgrounds and baseball fields, there is a part of town that you might’ve noticed before. Or maybe you have? The opening to an unfamiliar patch of woods, that draws you in with whispers and mystery. But you chooses to stay close to the safety of the street lamps.

This hidden avenue runs through the edge of town that was once home the founders of After Dark. Unfortunately the night time has taken over and the people gave in to the dark. What remains are just songs sung by the whispering woods. listen carefully and you may hear their “Lost Stories”.


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