Tori Solomon grew up drawing animals with her grandmother in church. She continued doing art throughout school but did not consider pursuing it full-time until she entered college. At first, Tori was a physics major but she asked herself if she really wanted to pursue this major and career. During this time, Tori was taking an art class to fill her schedule and she knew that art was what she truly enjoyed. The next semester she transferred to Edinboro to pursue a degree in computer animation. After college, she continued to make art until she created a large enough portfolio to market herself and her art professionally.

Tori’s art comes from her curiosity and interest in experimenting with different subject matters and mediums. Once she masters something, she looks for a new challenge in the form of a new medium or subject. During the pandemic, Tori tackled sidewalk art as a result of craft stores being closed and a lack of art supplies. Compelled by her creativity and boredom, Tori ordered sidewalk chalk online and took to her sidewalks, finding joy in the creation of art for art’s sake.

Despite multiple forces in her life trying to dissuade Tori from pursuing art, she continued creating and experimenting with her art. Art is Tori’s tether to reality. It calms her down and provides her with a way to quiet herself. Tori also views art as a way to people’s perception of the world around them. In her classes at Edinboro, she enjoyed looking at her peer’s work and comparing how they interpreted the assignment and how their style influenced the subject matter.

Tori’s art is colorful, whimsical, and vibrant. She is inspired by the world around her and the colors that seep into it. Her series of succulent paintings are inspired by her rainbow window tint that shoots rainbows everywhere when the sun shines through. Other times when she is trying to figure out her next painting, Tori plays with colors until an idea sparks in her head. For Tori, the color comes first and everything builds around it.

If you want to learn more about our new artist, Tori Solomon, and check out her art, please check out the link below!