Stacey Pydynkowski first discovered her love of art through a professor during her college studies. She’s always been a very creative person, whether it be through a pencil or a paintbrush. But she never truly saw herself as an artist. “I never really considered myself an artist until I took a drawing class.”

While Stacey didn’t have the technical skills she did have a ton of ideas swimming through her mind. Her passion for art grew more and more every day. Her professor was kind enough to realize her potential and encourage her to create freely. In the end, Stacey ended up double majoring in Psychology and Studio. She had also planned to complete her master’s in pursuit of work as a counselor for her local community.

Stacey spent time working many different jobs, including retail management in order to support her “creative endeavors.” While in her mid-20s her life took a major turn after she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 26. The diagnosis uprooted the life she had created and her days were spent in treatment. This journey provided Stacey with inspiration in the form of flower bouquets, sent by friends and family members. Stacey “ended up really falling into the creative process” because she never wanted the flowers to wilt or die. After getting a book about flower preservation, Stacey became “obsessed with trying to find ways to preserve the flowers and botanicals” she was given in her time of need. She took up painting at the same time and she started to dry the flowers and embed them into her artwork. 

Stacey thought that this creative breakthrough was just temporary but after the experiences, she went through, her mindset shifted and she wanted to push herself to take more risks instead of sticking with the status quo of her life. Stacey decided to keep creating to honor the everyday people who quietly impact our lives. “[The] people who advocate for those who slip between the cracks, the people who encouraged me, and those who give us permission to feel and do and create those are the people who inspire me.” 

Painting for the public is one of her favorite things to do. Stacey has painted murals with friends and continues to paint and preserve flowers for others who would like to cherish them as a memory. Her connection with the natural world allows her to make her art something personal. “I love that my art gives people the opportunity to find imagery just like I did.” She wants her artwork to serve as a mirror so that the viewers are truly able to look into her piece. 

Stacey is now going on three and a half years of remission and continues to create for others in times of need. You can learn more about Stacey and see her artwork at: