Staring Down Crow


                                                                                                      Staring down crow manifests my facination with the Shamanic worldview. My mother's spirit animal is crow, and I think of her everytime I see one. I have the fortune of being in the path of a supermurder that daily migrates through Frick Park to Riverside park during the winter, so I think of her often. As her indepenence and memory were stripped away by a brain tumor and stroke, her identity has maintained true, visible only through her eyes. This piece incorporates images taken by me as well as images from the creative commons. Available on archival paper, acrylic glass, brushed aluminum, direct print on metal, canvas, and framed archival print. Also available in different sizes. Please contact me with any custom requests. Recommended medium is direct print on metal.

Denise Duryea

Denise | Pittsburgh, PA