Quan Yin Purple


                                                                                                      There was a magical moment while I was creating Quan Yin Purple. The magnolia blossoms on the headress are from a picture I took in Mellon Park, and the statue is an antique at Biddle's Escape. When I combined the two images the blossoms fit perfectly around the bun, created a third eye on her forehead, and aligned with the pupils of her eyes. The simple balance, the combining of the organic and the refined elegance of the carving is particularly enjoyable as an artist. This piece incorporates images taken by me as well as images from the creative commons. Available on archival paper, acrylic glass, brushed aluminum, direct print on metal, canvas, and framed archival print. Also available in different sizes. Please contact me with any custom requests. This piece is beautiful on canvas or paper.

Denise Duryea

Denise | Pittsburgh, PA