16"x16" Matted Photographic Print on Metallic Paper: Brainbow


Long exposure image created with colorful lights provided by a Christmas tree at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   A neuroscientist friend provided the title of the image when he shared that it reminded him of a "Brainbow": images created by a technique pioneered by Harvard neuroscientist, Jeff Lichtman, as part of the Connectome Project.   In 2007, Lichtman engineered individual neurons to emit more than 90 different shades of fluorescent light, from cerulean blue to heather grey, rendering mouse brains as Impressionist landscapes. Ready to frame: 10"x10" photographic print on archival metallic paper surrounded by white mat board.  16" x 16" overall.  Frame not included. Free shipping and handling.      

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Aether Erebus Photography

Mindy | Pittsburgh, PA