Denise Duryea began her career as an artist seven years ago. Feeling unfulfilled at her job at the time, Denise turned to art to let her creative side out. As a naturally creative person, her unimaginative job left her depressed and struggling. Taking her fate into her own hands, she started playing with images she took on Photoshop and let her imagination take over. Since then her style has changed but she continues experimenting with her photos in Photoshop to create individual and unique mixed-media pieces that capture specific moments in time.

Denise is inspired by everything around her. She draws inspiration from all of the art, artists, and people she interacts with. Drawing from her life allows her to create beautiful pieces that portray a concept while remaining very much in her own style. Many of her ideas come from daydreaming and letting her mind wander. When struggling with what to create next, Denise goes for a walk and mediates on the world around her, rather than forcing her imagination to produce uninspired art. Her art comes together similarly to pottery. She takes her photos and molds and manipulates them to fit the idea in her head. Intuitively, she plays with the images and pulls textures, colors, and patterns from them, and lets the work evolve into her final product, coming together like magic.

Art for Denise is a way to put more beauty into the world and to leave the world a little more beautiful than the way she found it. With vibrant, glamorous, and mystical pieces of art, she is definitely making the world a little more beautiful, one piece at a time.

If you would like to learn more about Denise and check out her art, please use the link below!