Debbie Jacknin is not just the owner of Songbird Artistry. She is a mentor to her artists, a fundraiser for local non-profits, and also an artist herself. Debbie is a woman with many hats and takes pride in being able to help others out in any way that is needed. When asked if she is a role model or enjoys providing help to the artists represented in her shop, Debbie responded “I will often sit down with an artist if they want me to. I often start off by telling that particular artist. I’m not always right. But fortunately, I’m right more than I’m wrong or I wouldn’t still be in business. and if they have interest I will absolutely sit down and talk to them about what they’re creating.”

From how to set up a booth at a local event or how to apply for a space in a shop, she is always happy to offer advice and guidance. “I like to do that. This is not even just true for an artist. I’ve done that with people doing business too. We all started somewhere and we all had somebody who helped us,” says Debbie. “I firmly believe that I can do that for others.” She also tries to make suggestions to her artists to sell their work in different ways because there are buyers with means. “Maybe they can’t afford as much but maybe they’ll buy a sticker. We’ve had many times where I’ve done that, especially with my stained glass mosaics, I will make prints of them for people who don’t want to spend the money on an original. I’ll make cards out of them.”

This generosity and genuine care for her artists, shoppers, and other business owners, bring positive responses to her business. “One of the things that came out of the pandemic is a little more of an appreciation for local businesses,” she says. “We had people that came into our shop and took some of our classes because they wanted us to be here when the pandemic is over. They basically said, we have X number of dollars to shop and we’re shopping here!”

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