Deanna Nelson is not only one of the most talented artists but also has one of the kindest souls. Her flower work and artistic journey are so meaningful. She’s always loved flowers from a young age so much so that her parents would buy her flower presses for Christmas. It started as just an admiration for flowers but slowly became more. She went to college for business but an interest test that she took had different plans for her. It said she was more on the creative side than business. Deanna immediately knew she needed to change her path. She quit college and got into a year-long floral design program instead. Once she got her diploma she started designing for different shops, specifically wedding shops. Shortly after, Deanna started her own family and decided that was the best time to start her own floral shop.

After years of experience, she picked up botanical bas relief. For those who don’t know what that is, botanical bas-relief is when you start with real flowers and arrange and press them into a slab of clay. The clay is used to create a mold and plaster is poured into that mold to create the beautiful relief design you see. Deanna took these amazing pieces to galleries, street festivals and marketplaces. Her art was selling so well and fairly quickly. She mentioned how these sales “kept encouraging [her] which is really good.” She also explained how botanical art bas-relief is not very well represented in the United States at all. A lot of times her online sales are widely unsuccessful because people can’t understand the true beauty of the piece till they physically feel it. Deanna said, “You look at a painting and you can understand what a painting is you’ve seen hundreds in your life.

Botanical bas relief is so new, that it tends to sell in person when they can touch it, feel it, and see the fine details of the plants and leaves that the clay picks up.” Botanical bas-relief is actually widely popular in Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. Deanna explained how most of her site shockingly comes from that part of the world because they truly understand what this art form is like. Her pieces can be found on her website or maybe you’ll even catch her at a market near you. If you get the chance I would fully recommend checking out her work because Deanna puts her heart and soul into pieces to make your home beautiful.