Cheryl Williams

Cheryl | Washington, UT

​The Energy that comes through my heart and into my hands stirs great passion in me. Bringing essence into form, I make the ordinary appear extraordinary. My work is simple and elegant. It gives me great pleasure to share my art with you. My artwork consists of Acrylic Paintings , Ceramic Sculptures and Prosperity Bowls.

You can find my work domestically at:

  • The White House – Washington, DC
  • Kaiser Permanente – LA and Houston
  • Hospital of Connecticut – Outpatient Cancer Center
  • Racine Art Museum
  • MCI Telecommunications
  • Sallie May Foundation
  • Swissotel, Atlanta, GA
  • National Broadcast Corporation
  • American Broadcast Corporation
  • Columbia Broadcast Systems
  • Paramount Studios
  • Ritz Carlton-Presidential suite

You can also find my work on an episode of “Castle”, check out season 6/ Episode 9.

If you travel internationally, you can find my work at:

  • Johannesburg Grand Hyatt, South Africa
  • Takeshiba Intercontinental, Tokyo Bay
  • First Lady of Russia; Mrs. Yelstin
  • First Lady of Ukraine; Mrs. Kuchma
  • First Lady of France; Mrs. Chirac
  • President of the Philippines; Fidel Ramos
  • Ambassador of Bogotá, Columbia
  • Four Seasons, Hong Kong
  • Four Seasons, Beijing- China

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Art work that is not custom, may be returned 3 days after you have received it. You will be refunded the price of the artwork, minus the shipping costs.

Customer is responsible for return shipping cost.