While interviewing Cheryl Williams, she was able to reflect on her art and recent pieces she has been working on. Cheryl lives in Utah and recently went out to Zion National Park to do some sketching and find some ideas for new art pieces. With these paintings she is going towards two different looks. One style is more of a Japanese soft asian style with more of a watercolor look. All of her paintings are in landscape. The painting shown is 4 by 5 feet. When she paints on larger sized canvases, Cheryl states, “My whole body is in more of a movement, like a dancer.” This is her interpretation of a landscape. “The beautiful red rocks, the giant red forms we have out here.” The other style to her paintings is using very intense colors and mixtures. 

When talking about her painting process, she explains “I just have this innate sense of color mixing. As long as my head isn’t involved, it comes out very easy. When there’s no stress I am a very fast painter. When it comes, it just comes, no thinking towards it.” She continues, “Using the energy just allows me to unfold the piece in front of me. You don’t have expectations. Intuitive painting is just like being in silence with the process. You’re just in the being state. A state of peace.”

Cheryl describes her art as simple and elegant. Even though she describes her pieces that way, she still considers her artwork powerful and extraordinary. It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting of a flower or a skull, there is always going to be emotion put into a painting and a meaning behind it. It is crazy that two people look at an art piece and can get completely different feelings from it. In the interview Desiree made a statement about Cheryl’s art. “There’s an energy to it that you feel. Getting to understand Cheryl helps me understand her art. The artist and the art I don’t think can really be separated.” 

Cheryl has been an artist her whole life. When asked, “What inspired you to become an artist?” Cheryl responded with, “Why not? It was just something I was born to do. You just know. You just follow your interests.” Cheryl hopes to continue to aspire young artists to follow their passion and love for creativity.

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