Pottery first found Cheryl Williams in high school. She abandoned the craft until she transferred to a Quaker school with a pottery studio, where her passion was reignited. After graduation, Cheryl chased her dream of becoming a potter with only $800 and a car to her name. She took a job with a lady at the local retail ceramic store, making sinks and soap dishes, gaining more experience, and learning from local artists. Now, without a formal art education, Cheryl is an internationally acclaimed artist with work in the White House Collection and in the collections of many world leaders.

Cheryl’s artistic drive manifests in multiple mediums, such as pottery and sculpture. As of late, her favored medium is painting as she tries to capture light and color with vibrant pigments. Art for Cheryl is a creative outlet that calls on her to try different types of mediums and techniques. One of the driving forces behind Cheryl’s expansive portfolio is her curiosity. She examines pieces of art, and when she encounters an interesting piece, she feels inspired to recreate that piece in her own way.

Because her art is driven by curiosity, Cheryl does not have a set creative process from start to finish. She begins with silence and meditation and goes on from there. She seizes her inspiration when it comes to her and tries to capture what she feels from her muse, whether that be another piece of art or the nature around her. About painting her inspirations, Cheryl states “It’s capturing not just the energy and the colors. It’s just everything. It’s in the universe. It’s in the air. It’s just bringing it out into physical form. As an artist, you’re bringing through something and it’s bringing it out into physical form.” This spontaneous and introspective form of art makes every piece of Cheryl’s work unique and extraordinary.

Hopefully, Cheryl’s artwork sparks your curiosity and spurs your appreciation for the universe around you.

If you would like to see Cheryl’s pieces and potentially buy your own piece of the universe, please use check them out on our artist’s page: https://local-good.com/creator/cheryl-williams/