Carla Cardello, also known as City Life Adventures, discovered her passion for photography at a young age. Growing up, her parents owned cameras and she became comfortable with the medium. So when she was interested in creating art, she naturally picked up a camera.

Carla is primarily a food photographer, recipe developer, and writer. With all this time at home working, Carla likes to take walks around the city and escape her job and home for a little bit. Intrigued by the scenery of Pittsburgh, Carla started taking photos of the sights she saw and began posting them on Instagram in 2016.

Funnily enough, Carla’s work is reflective in more ways than one. When asked about her relationship with art and photography, she stated that art is a way to relax. The process of walking around the city and finding reflections in puddles and interesting angles can be meditative for her. Her photography is an interesting spin on forest bathing, a Japanese practice of going into a forest and practicing mindfulness. Carla’s photography flips this practice around and shows us that mindfulness, appreciation, and reflection can happen in any setting. Her photography also sparks a sense of adventure.

While City Life Adventures was not Carla’s first, second, or third choice when it came to naming her account, it perfectly embodies her work. Carla’s photography makes often gray, dull cities explorable and exciting. Her work captures the city of Pittsburgh as if she were taking photos of nature, wild and majestic. Her beautiful and intriguing photos are the result of her scavenger hunt across the city to find shots and compositions that people would normally rush past.

Looking at Carla’s works can inspire you to take an extra five minutes on your walk today to notice the special moments around you and find a sight you had never seen before.

If you would like to see Carla’s pieces and potentially buy your own snapshot of Pittsburgh, please use check them out on our artist’s page: