Since our last discussion with Debbie Jacknin, a lot has happened in her shop, Songbird Artistry. Many events are being planned, and she has taken some new artists under her wing. “We started to kind of peel after the crazy holiday season and now are gearing back up again with a bunch of fun events at our shop. So I’m really excited for that.” Debbie states.

On the agenda is a fundraiser event on March 30th that supports Trash Cat Rescue, a local nonprofit that helps rescue sick and stray cats and find them forever homes. The event is called Feline Fiesta and this is the 2nd year in a row they have worked together to gather funds for the organization. The day includes a meet and greet with several cats and a raffle drawing for those who bring in donations.

A recurring event held by them titled The Gathering of Goddesses takes place once a month on a Sunday. This event will be led by one of Debbie’s daughters who guides people through an activity designed for relaxation and fun. Previous activities have included meditation, tea parties, singing bowls, and tarot cards. “Each one will be kind of an empowerment program where you’ll have an opportunity to be with others and encourage each other.” Debbie describes. The next Sunday event takes place on April 14th.

Another one of the major events coming up is her exhibition “Art Takes Flight”. It features stunning paintings and photography inspired by nature. This exhibition also happens to include one of LocalGood’s very own artists, Tori Solomon. Tori’s work includes fantastical hummingbirds often taking flight, using metallic and fluorescent watercolor paint. “Honestly, it looks like it could fly right off the page,” Debbie says about one of Tori’s original pieces.

Songbird Artistry and Tori Solomon first joined LocalGood separately, then later connected through it and started working together. “That’s one of the things that I like about what LocalGood is doing,” says Debbie. “I think it’s just great when we can appreciate locally what people do and their artwork, it’s not easy to make a living as an artist. I can tell you that firsthand. So anytime that we can support any of the local artists it’s just great.”

There will be an opening reception on April 5th open to the public and a full open house on April 6th with activities run by the artists themselves.

To learn more about Songbird Artistry and their upcoming events, click the link below!