You Are Here: 406 Clay delivers opportunities and services that equip artists and community members to collaborate, innovate and participate in projects that reflect local culture and heritage, as well as projects that increase individual pride, confidence, and self-worth.

You Are Here: 406 Clay provides material support to artists in the form of studio space and exhibition opportunities in exchange for active engagement in local creative community building through sensitive, sustainable, and relevant publicly accessible projects.

The mission of the Lean on Me Cane Project is to donate artistic canes that increase pride, confidence and self-worth in persons facing diminished mobility.

Woman Creates Beautiful, Personalized Canes For Veterans


You Are Here Gallery hosts rotating exhibitions and events throughout the year that engage the artist and the community to bring our community-based mission to life.

“Oh Scrap!” is a creative reuse center that encourages artists to recycle and reuse materials. It provides recycled materials to benefit the community and the environment.