Things are not what they use to be. 11x14


Title:  Things are not what they use to be.                                                             I never think of  where you are. I just think about how I may not recognize you,the next time we meet.   This one is drawn from a small beach town in Maine. One of very few illustrations from out of the Pittsburgh area, which goes to show I rarely leave home. My friend and I went up to see all that we could see, but I spent most  of my time sleeping. That's a real vacation to someone who has insomnia. If you ever get to know me, you'd find out that I love telling stories, and I really like hearing other peoples stories. Anyway, while we were up there, I spent some time with the family who owned the motel where we stayed. They told us about some local gossip and tips for navigating the area. It was the week before the summer rush, and it was a ghost town, which meant the locals were still the majority in town. The motel owners said, the locals here are shut-ins till the tourist arrive. They get snowed in during the winters, then get cabin fever, then when summer comes around they go mingle with the new faces. This area was full of stubborn folk who either left the first chance they got, or died here and never left. This got me thinking... I couldn't help imagining a Maine version of me living in town... Like him, I never left my home town, even after everyone has got up and left. I couldn't help but think how this "Maine- me", would also have a hard time letting go of memories of the good times. If he would leave, so would the memories and those places would become insignificant. And I'm pretty sure he'd miss someone. Someone special, who chose their dreams over him. He misses them dearly, and yet terrified to see how much they changed.. And he hasn't after all these years.   Hopefully he had an easier time falling asleep than I do

All my prints are hand drawn 11x14. Printed on Acid free museum quality paper.--Unframed. They come in plastic slips  along with a matte backing, and business cards. Free shipping.


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Dan | Pittsburgh, PA