7" Lisianthus Square Tile


*Shipping included. This is one of a series of 7" tiles.  Each tile has felt pads on the back. If you order more then 3 tiles, a hanging guide for nail placement is included, spacing the tiles 1/2" apart. What is botanical bas-relief Botanical Bas-Relief is an ancient art form first used to catalog plants and trees. It captures fine veins and the delicate textures of the plants.  There is a sense of perspective, depth and movement. The process of botanical bas-relief On a technical front, the work starts with a slab of clay and then the plants, trees, herbs are laid with composition and pressed in to give a very detailed imprint. Fine grade plaster is then poured over this. There is much refining that goes into the first relief. Once visually successful, I create a silicone mold and pour a pristine and exquisite piece . Adding a finish to the piece The piece is sanded and then painted. Some finishes contain metals that verdigris with acid. Others are hand layered with oil-based, acrylic color and paint containing metals . Each piece is then sealed. Displaying and care Your piece can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or dusted. Because the piece is made out of plaster, these casts are made for the indoor. There is an imbedded wired hanger on the back or they can be displayed using an easel.

Rolling Meadows Art

Deanna | Detroit Lakes, MN