Our fellow creative space, Ketchup City Creative, always has some exciting events happening. From classes to shows, Nanci Goldberg, the founder and owner, is always busy trying to educate and inspire. “Our goal at the end of the day comes from success for others. When we see other people being successful, and we know that we played a small role in that, we’re beyond happy.”

So much so that she founded a non-profit titled “Artspiration”. “Artspiration is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to being a catalyst for community, creativity, and connection, in the riverfront communities of Sharpsburg, Etna, and Millvale, through the arts.” states the website. The organization helps fund and provide access to resources and networks to local artists. They also help find grant-funded opportunities and share them directly with the artists to help them create impactful work in the community.

One of the local opportunities that has happened because of generous funding to Artspiration, is after-school classes for children grades K through 12 as part of a youth empowerment project. It will be held at Ketchup City Creative. “We raised some money that was able to help us. It’s really why we can use the space for the camp without worrying too much about any kind of overhead,” says Nanci. 

Donations are also relied on to help obtain grants for future opportunities like the youth empowerment project. “In the grant world, you say I need money and they say, okay. we’re gonna give you this money but you have to also have this much money and you’re like, but I came to you because I said I needed money,” says Nanci. “It’s a really interesting grant world out there.”

To learn more about Ketchup City Creative please visit the link below. To donate to Artspiration and help fund future grant and project opportunities, please visit Artspiration’s website found at the second link below.

Ketchup City Creative:https://www.ketchupcity.com/















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