Mike Schuster | Mercer, PA

I have been creating art as far back as I can remember. Being creative was a way for me to express a lot of different emotions and thoughts growing up. I learned at a very young age that nothing was ever going to be easy. I have experienced many hard life lessons that has challenged me mentally, physically and emotionally. These experiences have influenced my art dramatically.

Although I have always had a passion for art and a deep desire to find new creative ways to express myself, it wasn’t until i had a stroke in 2014 that I really began to look at my relationship with art. I started to see the world around me with a different view. Objects such as trees or clouds for example were not just there as an object anymore. I started paying more attention to all the little details that make up that object such as lines, colors and texture. A perfect example of this would be staring at clouds. The majority of viewers will all see something different and have their own opinions on what they think they see. This is the type of imagination I’m trying to stimulate in the viewer through my artwork. I want to give the viewer a glimpse of an undefined reality using their imagination through chaos and texture. I believe imagination is the key to opening doors to our mind.

My artwork is a mixed medium because I combine what I love into a painting. Art to me is being free and I want no restrictions. The process of the painting is what I really enjoy. It’s total freedom to use and do whatever I desire on the canvas. My artwork is my style that I walk through life with. Its chaotic but in an organized colorful way.

I wake up every single morning thinking about color, designs and all the different creative thoughts that consumes my mind on a daily basis. The passion that I have for creativity is what makes up my artwork. Letting go of all the fear and doubt that I grew up with was my biggest step as a artist. No mistakes! Just whatever happens happens on the canvas but most importantly in life as well. I just learn and keep moving forward. My art is a reflection of myself!

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