Denise Duryea


I have always been a daydreamer, ponderous and enthralled by the world around me. Decades of absorbing lush, engaging, rich environments across all human cultures have resulted in an aesthetic of maximalism. I’d dress like Mae West every day if it didn’t look so uncomfortable. I’m attracted to texture, glamour, organic form, pattern and chaos. My camera is full of pictures of trees lit by moonlight, rusty barges, weather beaten concrete, dewy moss and so many clouds.

My goal in creation is sharing a moment, a concept, an idea, or an emotion with the viewer. I use digital tools to isolate light and dimension, shadowy forms and rich colors. I manipulate multiple images, layering up to a hundred of them to create pieces that are full of emotion, magic, wonder and color.

An overarching theme of my work is the dissolution of memory and identity. Following a lifelong fascination with the development and evolution of individual consciousness, I watched my mother’s mind inevitably change during a brain tumor and stroke. This focused my work on the ephemeral nature of the self.

On this plane I live in Pittsburgh with a goofy, loving and supportive husband and two sweet stinkerish cats.

Each piece incorporates photographs taken by me as well as images from the creative commons.

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