Nanci Goldberg is not only the founder of local creative space Ketchup City Creative and local non-profit Artspiration, but also an art teacher and advocate for artists.

She helps collect funding and grants through Artspiration to assist in local opportunities for artists and on occasion offers classes in KCC to share the love and education of art to others. When we asked Nanci why she wanted to work with LocalGood, she responded with “I think that’s the whole point right is that it starts in your backyard. It starts with your community. It starts with promoting each other. I mean Ketchup City and LocalGood just make sense together because we have the same goal at the end of the day don’t we?” She continued “We were both in a situation where I think we’re fortunate enough to have a little bit of time and money at the end of the day to help other people and I don’t think you get anywhere without helping other people.” We were very like-minded in that our goal at the end of the day is not personal, it comes from success for others.” She also said, “I believe that my life is greater than the legacy I leave behind should be that people were saying good things about me or the things that I did.”

When asked if she had any advice to give to aspiring artists or artists having a difficult time finding a name for themselves, she gave several points; “I say get out there and talk to people, you can create art in your house all you want, but unless you’re out there, taking the risk and talking to people and talking to other artists. Pittsburgh is a very friendly town and people are very helpful. It may not be as easy to find as in other cities, but it’s there and just talk to people get out there, and show, if there’s an open call (then) submit if there’s an opportunity to vend at an event submit if you’re not in a gallery in the way that you foresee it maybe don’t think that’s the worst thing right now. Just go with the flow, and where your art is going. There are lots of opportunities. Keep asking questions. Nobody’s going to be mad at you for asking questions.

She also has advice for people wanting to support our local artists but perhaps don’t have the means to do so right now. “I think there’s some really good opportunities where you could say, I don’t have the money right now to buy that original. What are my other options? I’d love a print of that. Let’s exchange emails. Talk to the artist about commissions. Talk to the artist about printing. Everybody’s looking for ways to be successful. Maybe that question is what gets them to think of a new way to do something.”

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